I invented the 'Hydrate Aid Bottle' when my partner Judith became ill with Cancer. As it got more difficult for her to drink comfortably the bottle enabled us to safely give Judith a drink when she needed it.

The bottle itself is virtually leak proof and by bending the straw towards the user's mouth, drinks can be given from any angle even if the patient / user is lying flat.

Here are just some of the comments that have been made about the bottle.

• Easy to use
• Water stays fresher
• Better monitoring of water intake
• Great idea
• Great hydration
• Increased independence
• More dignified
• Bottle quiet when squeezed
• Great on car journeys

As for myself the very fact that towards the end of Judith's life, I was able to give her a drink of water safely, without causing her any distress or pain, is now one of the memories that brings some comfort.

hydrate aid bottle

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